See below for selected written feedback from students and observers. Please contact me for complete PDF copies of evaluations.

Selected Students Comments

"This was the first English class I ever took in my life and I enjoyed it....I often had trouble sharing my ideas with the class and writing the essay papers, but the instructor was very helpful....Now I am fairly confident I will go on to get a second major in literature."

"Instructor's excitement and engagement [with] the course content was very contagious....It was very fun as well as [a] learning experience. The instructor made a very good effort to make the class environment friendly and that fostered honest class discussion very well."

"I thought that Professor Hines was excellent and really made the class a good experience for me this semester. She came with a good, enthusiastic attitude everyday and really cared about our performance in this class...."

"The discussions of the readings really helped me better understand the reading[s] and learn to critically analyze texts."

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Selected Observers Comments

Supervisor feedback from an introduction to academic writing course.

Peer feedback from a survey course.