Digital Pedagogy

Miniature from the Luttrell Psalter ca. 1335-1340 of Richard the Lionheart unhorsing Saladin. 

As a part of their coursework, students in my course "Games of Thrones: Medieval Literature and Popular Culture" digitally collaborated to edit and expand the Wikipedia article about the fourteenth-century crusading romance Richard Coer de Lyon.  Partially inspired by the Medieval Feminist Wikipedia Write-In initiative of the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship, students collaborated on historical analysis in order to think about the particular editorial biases and cultural ideologies that shape our understanding of historical texts.  See the edited article here:

I am also currently developing a research project for Duke's Data+. Undergraduate students will think critically about questions such as "What does suffering look like?" and "How do images inspire compassion?" through an intensive study of the representation of the Syrian refugee crisis in photojournalism. Students will  collaborate to research, analyze, and visualize data about how news agencies worldwide have chosen to depict the refugee crisis. More details forthcoming as this project develops.